quarta-feira, 14 de abril de 2010


Someone one day asked em to write the blog in english, until today i am trying to do a version of it on that language. Didnt had time or the emotion to do it. This pages are places on secondlife i like or sometimes words from my heart and soul that i have to put outside. I know that isnt much people reading it but is away for me to exorcise some feelings sometimes.
I learned a lot since i became an avatar of secondlife, teach me a lot about people, good and bad stuff, but teach me a lot.
One of the things a learned more is that keep my feelings inside me is bad for me i need to replace the sensation for something that help me to handle it so i can resolve them or find a way to deal with the situation.
Also talking from the heart is dificult, most if you are afraid of expose yourself to others, but can be so pleasent to finally open like a flower in the spring and feel free, finally free of opression.
It doesnt matter who read it, it only matters that my heart is healing day by day...

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